Wild & Crazy - EP

by Alyssa Trahan

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My new EP, "Wild & Crazy" includes 5 new original songs!


released 31 January 2015

Produced by Alyssa Trahan
Recorded at DogEar Studios, Nashville, TN and Nahart Studios, Rochester, NY
Copyright 2015 Alyssa Trahan



all rights reserved


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Alyssa Trahan Rochester, New York

Hi! My name is Alyssa Trahan, and I am a 19 year old country singer/songwriter and producer. I play about 15 different instruments, write all my own music and produce most of it myself in my home studio. So far I have written well over 50 songs, and I don't ever plan on stopping! Music is my whole life, and I can't see myself doing anything else! ... more

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Track Name: Wild & Crazy
Lately I've been feeling like
The fire between us has died
All that's left are glowing embers
What happened to the butterflies
The feeling of flying high
With nothing to bring us down

Well, I don't wanna be predictable
I don't want a love that's typical

I want kissing outside in the pouring rain
The kind of thing that will take your breath away
I want long goodbyes and reckless nights
Doing things we shouldn't do
I wanna fall in love so hard it hurts
And I don't care if we crash and burn
Baby I want this love to be
Wild & Crazy

I can tell you're holding back
You're scared that we might crack
But I would never leave your side
Stop trying to play it safe
What the hell let's run away
Baby take me for a ride

Cause I don't wanna be predictable
I don't want a love that's typical


I wanna drive though the night
Like we're running out of time
Cause baby we ain't got forever
So while we're young and beautiful
Let's live it up and show the world
What it means to be crazy in love

Track Name: Cowboy
Well I heard all the stories but I never did believe
They were true cause I loved you
And I heard love was blinding but I never realized
That the light burned so bright
But now I realize

You're a cowboy runnin from love
Leaving a trail of broken hearts
Never stay long anywhere you go
Make it hard to say no
Cowboy makes you feel
Special but it isn't real
Save yourself the heartbreak
If he finds you run away

Well I heard you're together with the one I'm talking about
Stupid girl just like I used to be
Well don't say I didn't warn you when he leaves you all alone
Soon enough he will go
So tell him goodbye


Boy you're breakin hearts and causin trouble
Everywhere you go (2x)


(Run away, run away,
Run away, run away)
Track Name: Over You
Right from the start I knew that you were
Probably not a match for my heart
Uh oh, yeah I knew it I was stupid
I let you in despite the warning signs
And now my world is changed
Uh oh and I'll never be the same

But now I've finally had enough of
Your superficial love
It was never real anyway
And now I'm gonna find a man
Who will love me as I am
Baby who's gonna love you now?

I have finally had it
This time I really mean it
I'm done, so done
You won't see me crying
I won't be replying
Hell no, I'm so
Over you

I did everything for you cause
I thought what we had was love
Uh oh but that isn't what it was
No you were only using me
Cause you have low self esteem
Like I was an accessory

But now I've finally had enough of
Your superficial love
It was never real anyway
And now I'm walking out your door
Like I should've done before
Baby who's gonna love you now?


I'm such a hopeless romantic
I gave a million chances
Boy you took them all
Now I'm being left alone
But it's better than
Anywhere with you


I'm over you
Track Name: Baby I Love You
There's something 'bout the way
Your hand fits with mine
Like we were meant to be
Even past the end of time
And honey those three words
Will never be enough
But it's all I got
So listen when I tell you

Baby I love you
And baby I need you
Yeah nothing seems right in the world these days
But you make it okay
And it's nothing new
But baby I love you

I remember how I felt on the very first day
And after all this time honey I still feel the same
And I kinda can't believe that you still aren't sick of me
But I'll spend my whole life
Trying to tell you


I want you to know that I'll never let you go
And I want you to see that you mean everything to me


Baby it's true
Baby I love you
Track Name: He's Mine
I knew from the moment that I met you
You were gonna be trouble
I could tell by the look in your eyes what
You were thinking about

And I could tell you wanted him for yourself
And I can see you wanna take him from me

But that boy is mine
Won't say goodbye
No I'm taking him in for life
You wanna fight? C'mon let's fight
You ain't making it out alive
Cause honey oh, I'm not letting him go
Yeah you can try and take my guy
But listen girl
He's mine

I know everything you been trying
Girl you better back up
I've been known to get a little crazy
When it comes to my love

And I know you're trying to get with him (ha)
And I don't think you know who you're dealing with


What makes you think that you're better than me?
You ain't got a thing and you ain't Jolene
Oh what makes you think you can win him hun?
Don't make me go and grab my gun (2x)


That boy is mine